It can only be the。Baby Ou nodded,“Then you have to remember it as well.”
This is natural。Ou Zhaozhao’s eyes are cold,“Just rush to this little girl,Can pour you juice,I can’t let her go。Your elder brother is right,Such people,Not thinking right,Timely containment,Don’t let her develop wretchedly,Is the best way。”
“.”What a wretched development.
Baby Ou thinks this girl is actually fine,“A girl who doesn’t know her mind well in love,Some are。Didn’t the medicine before?Your plots,Which is not because of love,This thing promotes the plot so well。She may not be bad,First look,If there is a problem,Without you,I did it for her myself。”Paused,“I thought she was here for my eldest brother.”As long as it’s not at Big Brother,Just easy。
Ou Zhaozhao laughed,The boss’s rotten peach blossoms have been much less in the past two years,But I still remind the girl,“The reason why love can be a good tool to promote the plot,It’s because people who are easily dazzled by love,Too much。Such people,Can’t use common sense to locate them,There is no way to reason with them,You must not be reckless,Just find something bad,Just abuse her to death,You know?”
Although Ou Baobao doesn’t think it will be this level,But still agreed。
Then the next day,While Ou Baobao was still practicing for the year-end concert in school,Mu Yan come here,“The doorman called and said,Someone looking for you,Claiming to be Yi Xiangjun。”
Xie Yun looked up,Watching baby ou,“Come to apologize?”
Children from business circles like Mu Yan and Ou Baobao are not in the same circle,I don’t know about Yijia,But it’s about Ou Bao,Still apologize,He was curious,“What apology?”
Xie Yun Had Nothing About Mu Yan,Continue to say to Ou Baobao,“In your position,Yijia let Yi Xiangjun come,Also neglect。Don’t go see her。Not needed。”
Bao Bao originally wanted to go,After all, it was when I was curious about Yi Jia,But I heard Xie Yunchu say that,Also makes sense,Just nod,“Then I’ll call the doorman back。”
The guard received a reply,Tell Yi Xiangjun directly,Please go back。