Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Five layout
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“I say i say,There are three people in this hotel with us,They are responsible for arranging the girls in our hands to pick up some clients,Arrange a room for them,Responsible for providing us with news……”
The kid immediately continued to explain it honestly。
So ten minutes later,The male waiters in the three hotels were also caught by some special forces408in the room。
“Now I’m waiting for Hu Niu’er and her gang to join the trap.。”
Yang Zhi said relaxedly。
Dealing with such a bunch of self-righteous half boys,To these battle-tested fields,For special forces soldiers born to death,It’s a game for children。
“Do not,This is the hotel,It is not convenient to clean them up here,and,Even if Hu Niu is here for a while,She will only bring a few people,The other people will definitely not come together。”
Qin Liang thought about it and wanted to express his judgment。