After all, it’s the best night to rest in the next few days,So cherish it!
The Wu family was destroyed in two days,This is something that many people did not expect,Including Li Yonghui, the head of the Li family, who is sitting in the main hall at this time listening to the report。
“When we went there, the Seventh Elder was already……”The man kneeling on the ground talked about the situation of the Wu family at this time:“No one from Wu’s family,It is difficult to determine if the person is still alive!”
As a person of real status in Shengde City,Li Yonghui holds a powerful force,This is also the reason why he dared to openly attack the second lady of the Han family。
From the current point of view,The man who destroyed the Wu family has a close relationship with the Han family,But they have no direct evidence,So there is no way to go to the college elders’ meeting!
and so,Some things have to be solved in private!
A person walked in the lobby,This person is wearing fancy clothes,Printed on the chest“Law enforcement team”Three words,If you see this sign in Shengde City, you usually walk away!
Li Xiuxian,Li Yonghui’s third son,Enter the law enforcement team of Shengde College through their own efforts,And the captain of the third team,I will definitely be one of the best in the future,This is what everyone thinks of him。
“Xianer,How did you come?”
“The college sent me out,Stop by at home,Why did something make my father upset??”
Li Xiuxian is handsome,Because of being in the law enforcement team all year round,The aura emitted by the body is already quite large。
of course,In front of the real master,This kind of aura is not strong enough。
One person every strong,The aura is like a dragon ascending to heaven,Arrogant,This is a master,But the true superpower is not like this。
When you need it, you can scare away ghosts with just the momentum,Like ordinary people when not needed,Not missing,This is the real peerless powerhouse,Such as endless,Xia Chenglong……
It will take a long time to reach that level,The other party still needs to hone,I can restrain my pride!
“Wu family was destroyed!”
“what,Who doesn’t know that Wu’s family is close to us,Isn’t this hitting you in the face??”