Peng Changyi smiled,Say:“Out of control,I really can’t control,in contrast,I support you to take care of Dou Lao。If Ai Qing has any comments, I will settle him for you。”
Dou Xiaoyu said:“He has no opinion,I wish I lived in my natal house every day,Save someone staring at him。”
Peng Changyi said:“You don’t have to worry about him,He can’t be evil,Langzhu,Let me stare at him,Once there is wind and grass,I will inform you immediately。”
“Haha——”Dou Xiaoyu laughed,Said:“He is right next to me,Do you dare to tell him what he said just now?”
Peng Changyi said:“What’s not to dare,But let’s not talk about it now,Is the old man there?I have something to find him。”
“in,I call you。”
quickly,Dou’s old and slow voice came from the microphone:“Is it Xiaopeng?——”
Peng Changyi immediately put away his joking tone,Become respectful,He said:“it’s me,Dou Lao,How are you。”
Dou Lao said:“I’m almost alright,Are you alright?correct,Did you get promoted?”
Peng Changyi said:“I just want to report this to you,Dou Lao,I just finished the meeting from the province,On the way home,Thank you very much for your support,I don’t know how to repay your great kindness……”
Dou Lao interrupted him,Said:“Who wants you to repay?I just praised you in front of Xiao Wuzi,He said he has noticed you,Others mentioned you to him,I think highly of you。If you say repay,I think you should repay your secretary with your work performance,It’s his insight。I got a call from him this morning before I went to work,I learned that the Standing Committee last night has appointed you as Secretary of the Langzhu Municipal Party Committee,I was discussing this with Ai Qing and Xiaoyu just now,Unexpectedly, your Annunciation call arrived so soon。”
First144chapter Regret for life
Peng Changyi said on the phone:“I must report to you first。Dou Lao,I’m afraid I can’t spare time these days,New and old,I have to be busy for three or four days,Wait for me to spend these three or four days,I made a special trip to Beijing to see you。”
Dou Lao said:“You,Don’t follow me,Have known me for so many years,Don’t you know my temperament??If you have time,Just come and sit down with my old man,Chat with me,I’ll be busy if I don’t have time,Don’t make a special trip to thank me,You should think more about work when you have that time。Xiao Peng,My old man has something to ask for。”
“Just ask,Chang Yiding will do its best to do it。”Peng Changyi said firmly。
“What i entrust to you is,You have to take Xiaoqiang well,Not me praise him,Xiaoqiang is a good seedling,You must train me,Not only to cultivate,Also supervise,Don’t let him do it。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“Dou Lao,I……”