Qin Liang lowered his head,Kissed Shen Ruoxi。
The pair came together to escape their marriage,Together to build a fake marriage“Husband and wife”,After a year of living together,Now it’s really going to be combined。
“Your mouth smells so good,So sweet。”
After a long kiss,Qin Liang whispered in Shen Ruoxi’s ear,And looked at her affectionately。
“Don’t look at the girl you just kissed……”
This is what Shen Ruoxi saw in a book,She blushed and said it。
“Do not,I want to see you forever,Wakayu,Would you be my real wife?”
This is the most serious sentence Qin Liang has asked so much。
“I do……”
These are also the three most serious words that Shen Ruoxi has answered so much。
“Wakayu,I want you。”
Qin Liang knows,I can really get her this time,His heart beats violently,His eyes greedily patrolled Shen Ruoxi’s perfect white body,That snow-white skin……
He held out his hand trembling。
Shen Ruoxi closed her eyes shyly……
The phone rang suddenly,It shocked the two people who were about to go to love together!
“I have a hasty!Who the fuck is this!Call at this time!”
Qin Liang grabbed Shen Ruoxi’s phone beside the pillow,Press shutdown。
“wait!Call so late,Maybe something important。”
Shen Ruoxi hurriedly reached out to stop him,Take a look at the phone from his hand,It was from Shen Ruoxue。