Simple collision,The bodies of the two flew out again,But this time I didn’t hit the ground,But caught by one hand,Then the strong spiritual power poured into both sides,Repairing the injured meridian!
“You did a great job,Leave the next thing to me!”
Xia Chenglong’s voice appeared,It means their persistence is meaningful!
Look up,If you don’t guess wrong, you should be the guardian of this place,Power above the fifth rank,Really worthy of his responsibility!
To say that the strength of the Li family is really good,Lost so many masters in the holy realm,Haven’t hurt the bones yet,I don’t know if this fifth rank falls,Will it be so calm!
“You should be their head,We can fight quickly,End this meaningless farce!”
Xia Chenglong agreed very simply,Because there is no reason to refuse!
Both disappear at the same time,Appeared outside the base at the same time,This is the power above the fifth rank,The old man was surprised why Xia Chenglong could keep up with him。
With the support of underground spirit veins,He can do many things,Their battle is a battle that will destroy the world,So it must be done outside!
No more nonsense,Want to solve the battle quickly!
The old man’s feet automatically form the universe,Corresponding to it is the five elements between heaven and earth,Golden wood water fire earth,A perfect fusion of seemingly resisting energies。
If you say who has the best understanding of the five elements in the world,Xia Chenglong dare to say one, no one dare to say two!