“soy Mujer,Don’t talk like me。”
Yanzi is sure that no accident has happened,So I joked with my little sister。
“Sister……You are talking about one,I’m talking about two……”
Shen Ruoxue put out her tongue mischievously,Sophistry。
In no time,The eight light tanks drove over rumblingly together,Then under the command of Yanzi,Surrounded the small building on all sides。
“Find someone from them to talk。”
Yanzi ordered another special forces member beside him,The special fighter immediately turned around and ran out,Soon,The staff officer of the commander who has been with Yanzi,Coming all the way。
“Shout;Tell the people inside,Give them five minutes,Lay down your weapons and surrender,Time comes,We fired a cannon to blast this small building to the ground。”
The staff officer immediately hid behind a tank,Yelled loudly at the small building,Soon,The door of the small building opened,Several people raised their hands and walked out,But they just walked down the steps,The sound of machine guns rang from the windows on the first floor,These people were all killed in an instant……
The swallow came out from behind the tree immediately,Raise his assault rifle,A burst,The man in the window with the machine gun was immediately reimbursed……
The special forces around immediately started shooting together,In a blink of an eye, all the windows on the first floor of that small building were instantly shattered into thousands of pieces,Flying everywhere in the air。
Then a few grenades were thrown in,With a few explosions,There are screams like ghosts crying and wolf howling in the small building。