Nana understands her mother’s temper,Whenever this time,She always carries wine,Trot all the way,Quietly avoiding mother,Into Lao Zhang’s hands,Said:“Leave it to you,I do not care。”
anyway,Lao Zhang can give his ex-wife and daughter a harmonious family environment,Can make them rely on,On this point,Peng Changyi secretly admires Lao Zhang,The union cadre who he had never noticed before,Now he is so closely connected with him。and so,Listening to my daughter,He immediately made a statement to his daughter,Said:“it is good,I’ll call your mother first,See the hospital leader after asking the situation,Do you say this is fine?”
Nana sees her father respects her opinion,Just happy,Keep nodding,Said:“Then go and fight,I’m hungry。”She touched her belly and said。
Peng Changyi said with a smile:“Be hungry,I make such an important call,How can everyone hear me!”
Nana blinked her small eyes,I think what Dad said is reasonable,Just say it sensibly:“OK then,I will lie down,I’m so hungry。”Talking,Just lay on the sofa,I just turned on the TV。
Peng Changyi called Shen Fang,It took a long time for Shen Fang to answer the call,I asked coldly when I came up:“Problems?”
Always this kind of sentence pattern,Fortunately, Peng Changyi is used to it,Just said:“I just heard Nana say,Lao Zhang is sick?”
“Does his illness have anything to do with you?”Shen Fang doesn’t accept his care。
What else did Peng Changyi want to say?,Unexpectedly, Shen Fang actually gave him such a word,He held back his breath,Said:“none of my business,Nana asked me to call the dean,Let the dean send the best doctor to see Lao Zhang,Do you need my help?”
Peng Changyi did not dare to say that Nana asked him to give orders to the dean,Find the best doctor for Lao Zhang,If so,Will give Shen Fang a condescending feeling,Her mouth,I might say something to choke people again。
Don’t know,Shen Fang was silent after hearing this,Didn’t say a word for a long time。
Peng Changyi connected to the phone“Hey”Said after a few times:“Are you inconvenient to speak now?”
Shen Fang said in a huff:“I came out of the ward,He can’t hear。Are you with Nana?,You find a place where nobody,Let me say a few words to you alone。”
Shen Fang ordered。
Peng Changyi glanced at his daughter on the sofa,Just pretend to close the window,Came to my daughter’s room in the north,He said:“All right,You speak。”
Shen Fang said:“Lao Zhang’s inspection results have long been out,Is advanced pancreatic cancer,I kept hiding from Lao Zhang,Didn’t tell him,Don’t tell Nana either,Little girl talk fast,Maybe I’ll tell Lao Zhang when I come back。”