“Haven’t talked about this issue yet,The other party just clearly expressed their intention to cooperate,They have to wait for our reply,Only after we are willing to cooperate,To talk about the next
Step-by-step cooperation。”
Liu Rushi answered this question without any consideration。
“So what is your final answer?”
Li Xiaoxiao asked again。
“My answer is……No reply,The representative of Edward Company and I agreed to meet again in three days。”
Liu Rushi’s serious answer。
Sun Feifei and Li Xiaoxiao looked at each other……
“I need to hear from both of you。”
Liu Rushi was also straightforward。
“My opinion:This matter matters,It’s not that the three of us can make a decision after discussing it,Sister Ruoxi and Sister Chen Hao will decide this matter in person。”
Sun Feifei answered without hesitation。
“Same as above。”
Li Xiaoxiao’s answer can’t be more concise,Just two words……
“I think so too,So the three of us have things to do this afternoon,We need to draft a feasibility report of cooperation with Edward,Need one more
As detailed as possible about all the information about Edward Company。”