“cut!Who are you scaring?You have the ability!”
Qin Liang smiled,Why is this swallow so funny??Such a naive threat can be said,Treat me like a kid?
“Sister Ruoxi!”
Swallow,Really yelled!she does not know;Shen Ruoxi is changing the dressing for Murong Shan in the dorm right now,Attention is all on Murongshan’s legs,I can’t hear anything outside。
“and then?”
Qin Liang asked with a smile,But I put my ears up,Watching the surrounding movement vigilantly,Afraid although not afraid,But caution is necessary!Be careful to sail the Wannian Ship。
“What then?”
Yanzi smoothly asked again。
“Then bite when it’s time to bite,Don’t let me take a chance。”
Qin Liang said proudly,Anyway, Shen Ruoxi hasn’t appeared yet,Swallow is a while to molest。
“Why are you like this now?You were not like this before!”
Yanzi is changing the subject……
“That’s because you were just a little yellow girl before,There is no place on my body for me to bite,Different now,Now you have a place for me to bite,Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang immediately took the words of Yanzi,And he felt that he was very well received,Very right,So once the words are finished,He immediately burst into laughter。
Swallow flushed with Qin Liang’s words,She didn’t expect Qin Liang to tease herself so unscrupulously,There is no one!
“Dare you say it again,I’ll show it to you next time。”