it’s good now,It is clear,Nothing,Can’t do anything,I can only look at Huang Lei honestly,Count him through。
She let go,Let Huang Lei in,Still whispering in my heart,This is fine,But it’s fine after thinking about it,Anyway this kind of thing(qíng)Nothing good,Doesn’t matter。
Some time to play with each other,I don’t care what happens at this time,He really doesn’t care much about this aspect(qíng)。
that’s it,Huang Lei and Niu went in,Niu looked at Huang Lei curiously,Ask him how do you know the answer,As a result, Huang Lei spread his hands and said he didn’t know,Just guessing。
He is even more curious when he is such a girl,Absolutely impossible,So it’s all over?
Zheng Li is notoriously tricky,How could it be passed by him in a few words,But then I think about it.。
This kind of thing(qíng)It seems nothing good,It’s enough for Zheng Li to stop making things difficult for them,As for other things,And one more thing(qíng),This is just the beginning,There will be more things next(qíng)occur,This has to make the girl continue to worry,At the same time, he told Huang Lei to be careful and careful。
But after entering the bar,(qíng)The situation is much better than they thought,Not noisy(rè)Make trouble,Not much other things(qíng)Everything happened seems so normal,So quiet,Bars are not like bars,inside(qíng)Relatively pleasant,Everyone should be busy,Play,Play their own,In twos and threes。
Generally, the light must be chaotic in bars,How else can I create this atmosphere?
But this bar is different,No confusion here,Looks very comfortable,It is obvious from this point,This place is completely different from what they knew before,And for this, Huang Lei didn’t have much,Like including girls。
Anyway,this matter(qíng)There must be a problem,Otherwise just wait and see。
Originally, the two of them were already healed before then,Must go together,So no matter what happens next(qíng),They can all relate to each other,Can make bad things(qíng)Get better,Can also make things(qíng)Made easier。
Just a lot of things(qíng)I can’t help them think,It’s like Niu met many old friends,These good friends ask her,Niu is not good to refuse?I can only chat with these friends in the end,words。
Huang Lei was together when he first started,It’s just that from time to time those best friends will look at him with weird eyes,On the contrary, it makes Huang Lei very uncomfortable,In the end, Huang Lei found a reason and left。
He just doesn’t like this feeling,It’s okay to be alone,The next time will naturally become Huang Lei’s own。
Huang Lei had his own,Naughty,Play their own。
just,Niu knows a lot of people,She had fun。
But Huang Lei doesn’t know anyone here,The only one who knows Chen Guanlin and Xu Shan,It’s just that those two guys seem to be(tǐng)busy,Constantly greeted the guests,What’s more, there are Zheng Li and Xu Qin,Huang Lei is not stupid enough to provoke them at this time。
Huang Lei hasn’t forgotten that he was also one of the targets caught tonight,How could those guys let him go。