Chapter six hundred and fifty seven difficult
“.”How simple.Xie Yun pulled out his tie,Calm down。
“Pro treasure,You have to understand one thing first,these things,Invisible。The Zou family is gone because of this,The Xie family was almost gone,The saying at that time was that things were abroad。If it weren’t for the Xie family to donate money and start a school,How can the official face give us Xie Jia.”Xie Yunchu wry smile,“An Shicheng, they always think I don’t deserve you,Because of this relationship。My life experience,Not clean。Stained。do you understand?”
Qinbao is the offspring of a great hero,Parents and mothers are heroes with roots,A prominent and noble background,She herself is upright and kind,And his family background seems innocent and noble,in fact,Full of stains。This stain,Ordinary people can’t see it,Don’t care,Only those who have reached a certain height,Or let yourself stand up to a certain height,Will pay attention。
Lintel,Since ancient times,Actually never disappeared。Just because there are so many people who don’t care,So it seems to disappear。And when a person has enough wealth and status,The lintel came from something like this,It should show up,Even become a capped existence。
At their grassroots,There are many people who care about birth。even,Birth determines a person’s height。
Just like now,After Qinbao’s life experience was exposed,Fewer people are thinking about her,But those who continue to worry about her or those who are concerned about her because of her life experience being made public,Are all incredible people。obviously,Everyone understands,What does your life experience mean。
Ou Zhaozhao’s background is already very good,But because she is a woman,Looks like he made his fortune on the family property of his deceased husband,So I have been criticized,contempt。But now,After combining Anton’s life experience and status,,Pro treasure,It can be said,In their circle,Is the top-level existence。Those wealthy talents were not as good as hers,The ladies with good backgrounds,Has been completely crushed by my own treasure。
Future pro-bao’s child,Will be the top。If you don’t have a baby with him,,Her offspring,Background is only better。
Xie family looked at Qinggui,Not an ordinary businessman,But because of the early years,With flaws like stains。
If you don’t care,In fact, the problem is not big。But if you mention it,Is a big problem。
Baby Ou naturally knows this,But she doesn’t care about this kind of thing。Prince and general Xiangning has a kind。Really need to talk about birth,Except for the descendants of those saints,Whose background is different。But Baby Ou also understands,This intangible but seemingly tangible thing,Is the worst。
“The history of capital is all about exploiting labor。Find the rich man in this world,It’s impossible to be absolutely humane and fair。You don’t have to be so pessimistic.”Why did it suddenly become psychological counseling??Baby Ou scratching his head,“You are not someone who feels inferior because of this kind of thing?”
Xie Yun blinked,“I’m。”
“.”bad boy。Is it a bit too late to be rebellious in his twenties??Baby Ou coughed,“Serious。If you care about this stain,Then,these things,Should be be frank,I really don’t understand,Why did your family sacrifice so many people?,Want to keep this thing?If you hand it in early,Before the Zou family,There may not be no chance for everyone to be safe。”
Where does Xie Yun know?,“Think about it,At that time, my grandfather took away a boat,Xie’s family actually had nothing left。Those people must be reluctant,Then point to those things,Let the Xie family get up again。Besides,People like me in the new era,Sitting on a lot of wealth,Will not bear those things,You want,Those thanking family members,Only more reluctant.”