“Because what you said just now has broken Chang Yi,Sure i did something wrong。”
“Humph,Still self-aware。”
Although the tone is half a joke,But Peng Changyi still sweats on his back。
“Why is my throat dumb?,Drink some water first。”Xie Changyou asked。
“Ok。”Peng Changyi lowered his head to drink water。
Zhai Bingde said:“check it out。”Talking,Left a letter on the corner of the table。
Peng Changyi hurriedly got up,Took it,one look,It is the complaint letter written by Old Man Gao。He wiped a sweat,Just put the letter far away。
“what do you think?”
“I,A bit at a loss,Why is it like this?”The expression on Peng Changyi’s face is innocent。
“Isn’t this what you want?”Zhai Bingde stared at him and asked。
Peng Changyi looked up at the secretary,Pretending to be confused:“I……hope?”
“Yes,You can be famous now。”
Peng Changyi was disgusted by what he said,Also very awkward,But dare not refute,Said in a grievance:“Those who have been famous throughout the ages are those revolutionary martyrs who died in Sanyuan,I’m afraid I don’t even have the qualifications to be stinky for thousands of years。”
“You are still emotional?”Zhai Bingde said with a cold face。
“Dare not,I know the leader is not satisfied with this,But I don’t have a better way,Deep,For fear of hurting people’s feelings,It’s too shallow。Publicity is not good,It’s not good to be unassuming,It’s even worse to advertise in a large area,So some places can only take quiet actions,This happened,Nothing in other villages,This is the Jiudaoliangzi Village,This old man is a professional complaint,I got on the train and left with my bag and two pancakes.,Fortunately this time, it’s Jinan,Sometimes go directly to Beijing。”