What makes him happiest is that Hu Lai completed a hat trick in this game.,It further proved the accuracy of his rejection of Fang Xinjie for Hu Lai。
After Hu Lai scored one after another,Dong Wen didn’t reject Fang Xinjie’s agent.,Just told him that he must agree to the conditions of the Flash Star Club,They won’t open a new contract for Fang Xinjie,On this one condition,If you don’t agree, you won’t have to talk。
Very tough attitude,Fang Xinjie’s agent was so tough,No reply yet。
Dong Wen is not in a hurry,Anyway, after Hu Lai and Murphy,Coupled with the coming back of an experienced veteran Ni Ziang,Flash Star’s offensive firepower is guaranteed,Fang Xinjie is not in love。
The transfer window will close if you want to watch,At most one week left。It doesn’t matter if Fang Xinjie didn’t talk about it,Just saved the club money。
This season should be like this,Dong Wen is very satisfied to be able to successfully stay in Zhongjia。At the same time, Zhao Kangming’s coaching ability is also reflected,Maturing,After a season of running-in,Plan well next season,Maybe it’s really a success?
The buyer Xinjie’s money will be kept for next season’s transfer.。
Originally, he planned to buy Xinjie to save the emergency,Now that Hu Lai has acted as a qualified firefighter,Fang Xinjie naturally becomes no longer important。
What Dong Wen didn’t know was,Fang Xinjie’s agent is now in the stands of the Provincial Sports Center,Staring blankly into the stadium。
After a while,He took out his cell phone and called Fang Xinjie:“Xinjie,it’s me,I am at the Provincial Sports Center in Jincheng……I know,I just want to ask you,Is it really impossible to accept the annual salary conditions given by Flash Star??”
He covered his ears with one hand,Try to listen to Fang Xinjie’s voice over there。
“Ok……Ok,Ok,I know。I don’t think about it anyway.?”
“nonsense!”Fang Xinjie roared on the phone,“The annual salary they give is exactly the same as that of Lao Tzu in Xiaojiang Lvlin,Why did i jump over?Why is this tossing about?Isn’t it for a salary increase?!”
“Na Xinjie,I personally recommend it……Do you want to wait another half season,After this season is over,I’ll help you find a team that suits you……Time is too short now,The transfer deadline is only one week away,It is difficult to find a suitable next home——Those clubs know your situation,Will desperately keep prices down……Do you want to admit a mistake with the coach tomorrow,Head down……why?Because Shining Star doesn’t want you anymore!Listen,Listen to this voice!”
Speaking of which,The agent took down the phone emotionally,Turn on,Turn around the fans in the stands。
And then put it back,Continue to shout:“Did you hear?This is the fucking cheers of Jincheng Provincial Sports Center,I stand here,He thought there was another earthquake!You ask me why this happens?Because that kid just finished a hat trick!Seven balls in six games!He has only been here for a month and a half!There is such a person in Shining Star,Why should I pay you an annual salary of 2.6 million?!”
Fang Xinjie in the mansion in Yujiang City, the capital of Xiaojiang Province,Listen to the howling from the handset,As if to hear the tide of Qiantang rushing。
Rolling back waves push forward waves,A wave is stronger than a wave。