Peng Changyi said again:“Folks,Our mood is the same as everyone,All hope to solve the problem quickly,Still the sentence just now,Give us time。also,My suggestion was,Once you want to go out to sue,Think of a problem first,That is,That means you have a great grievance,Finally, we must return to the negotiating table of our level of government.,In other words,Conflicts with family,In the end, I have to solve it by my family。starting today,I promise the big guy,If you report to me the problem,I won’t solve it for you,Deliberately,Go up and tell me not to stop,I believe most of us still hope to solve the problem reasonably,I don’t want to make a big deal,Am i right?”
The tense nerves of the villagers slowly began to relax,They are whispering,yesterday afternoon,When Peng Changyi called Su Fan,Let him do work for individual villagers alone,right now,This trick worked。Just listen to one of them:“Folks,I think that Secretary Peng is very truthful,We are so noisy,For what,Isn’t it just to solve the problem??Compensation for our loss,Bring criminals to justice,I think we might as well believe them once,Give the new team time,how about it?Let’s not tell,Take a look,What do you guys say?”
At this moment,Another person said:“I agree with Da Lao Li,We give the new team time,Now that Secretary Peng evacuated the police from the village,That they are sincere。Our section is like a headless fly,Tell everywhere,Don’t waste manpower and material resources,We didn’t get any results,And no one is better,What do we picture?Since Secretary Peng said it was his own business,I agree to solve it by myself,If the solution is unreasonable, we won’t be too late。”
At this moment,An old lady walked out of the crowd,Age around seventy,She said with tears in her eyes:“Our people have been dead for so long,This is the first time a city leader has entered the village and bowed to them,For this point,I believe in the new leader……”
Su Fan leaned into Peng Changyi’s ear and said:“This is Zhao Dayong’s mother,Old party member in the village,Calling old party members to quit the party is her lead。”
Peng Changyi walked over,Holding her hand and said:“Thank you,thank you for your trust。”He said again:“The folks in Niuguantun,Nowadays,Municipal Committee, Municipal Government, Municipal People’s Congress and CPPCC,The top leaders of these four teams are here,Just want to hear your request,Listen to your opinions,Nowadays,We are divided into four groups,The main leaders each bring a group,Let’s talk in pieces,What’s wrong with you,what do you need,What hope we do,Speak boldly,We will study and implement according to your requirements。”
At this moment,Su Fan stood up and told everyone:“Folks,What Secretary Peng said today,I don’t know if you have heard of it before,I haven’t heard it anyway,This shows that the city leaders are determined to solve our problem in Niuguantun,and so,We have to trust Secretary Peng,Trust Mayor Zhu,I believe that the new municipal party committee and government leaders,Let’s rationally、Calmly ask them,It’s no use going to Beijing,It’s no use going to the UN,The final solution to the problem depends on our local government。”
Peng Changyi laughed when he heard this,Said:“Secretary Su’s words remind me of a movie,Have you seen the Southern and Northern Wars??”
Peng Changyi said again:“There was a little soldier who said something,He said:We must rely on our infantry to solve the battle!cavalry、Neither running nor air strikes can finally solve the battle。Folks,Think about it,From the Party Central Committee and the State Council,They can’t directly solve our problem,At best it can save us,Replace with someone who can solve the problem,Solve the problem,I have to rely on our family,Am I talking about this truth?I’m making a guarantee with everyone,If I can’t do this for everyone,I won’t wait for the superior to save me,I will resign automatically,Folks,The official hat on my head was cultivated by my ancestors eight generations,not easy,I won’t lose it easily,Trust me,Believe in our new team members,What do you guys say?”
The old lady said:“Since Secretary Peng said so,I think we just listen to Secretary Peng,What do you say?”
Someone from behind said“Listen to Ms. Zhao,Aunt Zhao’s grievance is the biggest。”
“Okay,That’s it,Take a look first,No, let’s go to Beijing,Although going to Beijing is of little use,At the very least, let the superior know what ethical things these officials have done。”