Zhang Demu: Many minutes from the other way to retrieve the live product information, then place the order

The picture shows the director of the China Consumer Association Consumption Supervision, Beijing October 29, the People’s Network Consumer Channel and the Chinese Consumer Association jointly plan "Consumption Insight" series of interviews, on October 28, inviting the Chinese Consumer Association Consumption Supervision Zhang Demi, Zhang Dezhi, China Consumers Association Lawyers, Lawyer, Lawyer, Testament, Focus on "Network Live Belid, Industry Supervision, From Who," online communication with netizens.

Zhang Demu said in an interview that consumers pre- and wait for a single shopping, and then retrieve the product information after retrieving the product information, it can clarify the accuracy of the product selection.

As live broadcasts are increasing, the problem is gradually exposed.

How do platforms and merchants avoid problems risk? Zhang Demzhi said that for the problems in the current live goods, the platform needs to assume the corresponding management and guarantee responsibility according to Articles 28 and 44 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, and the platform needs to be responsible for the merchant. To recognize this The new marketing model has a positive role of reducing costs and expanding the market. Zhang Demu said that from the investigation of live marketing from the Chinese Consumer Association, there are two aspects of consumers concerned, one is concerns about the quality of commodity quality, and the second is the after-sales service of goods.

Zhang Demu said that consumers need to improve their self-protection awareness, when shopping, you can retrieve product information through other network channels and other consumers’ products experience, and wait for a minute before the order, determine the use of good career products. Order, this choice will be more accurate.

Product problems sold in live broadcasts, do they need to bear the corresponding responsibility? Zhang Demu said that the consumer rights protection law and advertising law have corresponding provisions for the responsibility of the spokesperson.

For example, Article 56 of the Advertising Law stipulates that "the false advertisements of goods or services that are related to consumer life, resulting in consumers, advertising operators, advertising publishers, advertising spokespersons should bear joint responsibility". " (Editor: Sun Bo Yang, Joe Yoo Qiong) Sharing let more people see.