Today, the world, the Jiangsu Olympic Legion National Yuan V9 is the Hero Cup

On the afternoon of July 14, Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau and Jiangsu Today’s Wine Co., Ltd. jointly held a press conference, and this world’s wine industry donated 1 million yuan to set up "Tokyo Olympics Jiangsu University Reward Fund", announced that national Yuan V9 is Tokyo Olympics Jiangsu University of Health Celebrates.

"Food with big things, accompanying the same, for the hero," is a consistent proposition of the national gang brand. At the press conference, Chen Yuquan, deputy general manager of Jiangsu Today’s Wine Co., Ltd., said that with sports peers, the Olympics, it is the spirit of the Olympic spirit, Yong Pan peak, and pursue excellence. Wang Zhiguang, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, said that at the previous Olympic Games, the excellent performance of Jiangsu Sports delegation showed the Chinese spirit to the country, won honor. This world, the wine industry rewards, the Jiangsu Olympics in Tokyo, it reflects the service of the company, and it will also encourage Jiangsu to fight hard and create new achievements.

Since the founding of the national festival brand in 2004, from Athens to Beijing, London, Rio, to Tokyo, come to Tokyo, this world is accompanied by the Jiangsu Olympic Legion, every time you join hands, all witness the creation of miracles, and the glory of the hero. "We look forward to the Jiangsu Olympic hero from Tokyo, we will meet this world, and drink alcohol.

"Chen Yiquan said.