[100 people say the party building] National civilized family representative, two road theory propaganda group backbone Liu Jinhui

Liu Jinhui: The world is very big, more than the world is a hundred-year-old party’s chest and eyes. It is far from the future, farther than the future is the mission and dream of the Chinese nation.

My name is Liu Jinhui, 74 years old this year.

I am the most beautiful family representative of the country.

The 100th of the Communist Party of China can be said to be difficult, but it is a rumor, which can be a magnificent, which is a bitterness.

As the offspring of the liberation of war and anti-US aid veterans, I have been doing inheritance of revolutionary tradition, suggesting red blood, and I have created 15 community libraries "kinds" in the second district, five years, we have made More than 300 activities, the purpose is to let more young people know the history of our party, knowing that our socialist countries are not easy.

As a heaters of the red gene of the Erdao District Office, I have participated in the party and class to speak more than 30 scenes. The purpose is to inspire more young people to love the party, love the motherland, love the Chinese nation, inspire more young people Bright belief, make up the calcium of the belief, condense the soul of the belief, and create a new future! (Editor: Li Chengwei, Xie Long).