[Hundreds of moments of hundreds of years] 1965, ten years of hard exploration achievement brilliant

  From 1956 to 1966, it is a ten year of the party’s hard exploration of China ‘s socialist construction road. Although it experiences the twists and turns, it still has achieved unprociable huge achievements. The development of industrial construction, scientific research and civil defense technology and many work in farmland water conservancy construction and agricultural mechanization, modern development are all layout in that year.

  Industrial construction, compared with 1966 in 1956, the national fixed assets have increased three times in the original price calculation. In terms of steel industry, in addition to further construction of my country’s largest Anshan Steel Base, Wuhan, Baotou’s steel base is mainly built in this decade. In terms of mechanical industries, it is formed for more than a dozen basic industries such as metallurgical, mining, power stations, petrochemical and other industrial equipment manufacturing and aircraft, automotive, engineering machinery manufacturing, and can be independently designed and manufactured to modern large equipment. In 1964, my country’s main machine equipment has reached more than 90%. In 1963, Daqing Oilfield was built.

This is the Daqing oilfield worker triggered a bidding well. The picture of Xinhua News Agency is particularly prominent. The oil industry has developed into the pillar industry of my country’s national economy.

The construction completed the Daqing Oilfield, and then developed a victory oil field and large port oil field.

By 1965, oil has all been self-sufficient, so that we can proudly announce that the Chinese people rely on "foreign oil" has ended! On August 1, 1958, the Banlan Railway was open to traffic.

This is the train through Shapotou.

Xinhua News Agency, the video transportation industry has a growing development. From 1958 to 1965, there were more than 9,000 kilometers from the new railway operating mileage.

Eagry, Balan, Lan Qing, Lanxin, Sichuan, Guantang, etc. In addition to Tibet, there are railways, Fujian, Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang, in all provinces and autonomous regions.

Highway, water, air and other undertakings have also have great development. Most of the country, Tao Tongtong has a new car, and the coastal port adds more than ten thousand tons deep water berth. Ocean Shipping has opened up three routes leading to Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

  Farmland water conservancy construction has achieved significant achievements. Large hub backbone engineering and various reservoirs have played an important role in the time and after a considerable period of time. The scientific and technological development has been significant. On October 16, 1964, my country’s successful explosion first atomic bomb has improved my country’s international status. The development of missiles and artificial satellites has also achieved breakthrough progress.

In terms of basic scientific research, in 1965, my country was intraocularly synthesized with cowelin crystallization in the international. The achievements of education, health, publications, cultural art, sports, etc. are also very considerable. From 1957 to 1966, nearly 1.4 million colleges and universities graduates were 21.1 million in secondary professional schools, respectively from 1950 to 1956.

The medical and health institution has increased significantly, and the national urban and rural health network is basically formed. From 1957 to 1965, the national health institutions were increased from 12,2954 to 224,266, and the number of hospital beds per thousand was increased from Zhang, and the number of doctors per thousand people increased by people. Severely endangers people’s health, cholera, schistosomiasis, malaria, mouse hypothals, or extinction, or effectively prevention.

In October 1964, a large music dance history poem "Oriental Red" is in the Beijing Great Hall of the People. This is the third "Wanshui Qianshan" of "Dongfang Red" with the theme of Red Army. Xinhua News Agency, the national cultural art, cultural relics, from 14408 in 1956 to 27,210 in 1965. In 10 years, a large number of excellent literary art works have been performed.

Such as the novel "The Song of Youth", the History of Entrepreneurship, Movie and Stage Play "Red Niangzi", "Sentinel under Neon", Opera "Jiang Jie", etc. Large music dance history "Oriental Red" is the classic of this period.

  Economic and cultural construction in the ethnic areas take a big pace. Many places have built some large modern industrial bases, ending the history of the modern industry in the ethnic areas. A group of colleges and universities have been established in the ethnic areas, and the various special talents required by local construction are cultivated.

  During the ten years, my country has cultivated a large number of special talents needed to govern the trustages and socialist construction undertakings, most of which became the backbone of the reform and opening up and modern construction.

The party’s construction is strengthened, and the party’s team has further developed.

The number of people in the country has developed from 10.73 million in 1956 to 18.95 million in 1965.

  It is worth proud that the party leaders the people’s hard exploration. While achieving great achievements in socialism, it has also obtained huge harvest in spiritual power.

The people of all nationalities in our country have sent themselves to the socialist construction of the Heaven and the world, and a large number of advanced typical and hero model characters have emerged, and there is a magnificent poems that have changed countless changed land, forming the spirit of the times across time and space. Total plan: Zhou Hongjun supervision system: Zhu Yonglei An Zaixiang planning: 子 王 莹 文 案: 王 子 睿 (intern) Design: Fan Shanshan Reference: "The History of the Communist Party of China" "China Communist Party History" Overview "Source: Xinhua News Agency Xinhuanet News Center! Click on the following picture to enter more previous review].