[Market Authority], "possession of second generation" Ma Zhonghua: national unity and progress practitioner

  In work and life, the Tibet Autonomous Region Market Supervisory Authority cadres Ma Zhonghua can be fluent in the Tibetan language and the Tibetan masses to communicate with colleagues, the total was curious to ask: "? He is a ‘family unity’ it" "No, he is ‘possession of the second generation’, his wife is Tibetan. "when he learned that he was a veritable" when Tibetan second generation ", and speaking fluent Tibetan, we were unanimous nod of approval vote to Ma Zhonghua eyes.

  2 years old, Ma Zhonghua along with their parents came to Lhasa, Tibet, where living, learning, married.

He said: "I witnessed a vigorous growth of economic and social development and ethnic unity in Tibet cause.

"His parents are working in Tibet, the old party members and cadres of life, under the influence of parents and teach, Ma Zhonghua was brought up to the" old Tibet "for example," three can not do without, "" five identity " thoughts slowly take root in his heart.

Growing up, he used his actual action of writing a story of national unity. Unity, and gather together the sublime beyond time and space.

Speaking of Ma Zhonghua, can not fail to mention his family, they are "a combination of Tibetan and Chinese," the unity of the family, his wife from Nagqu Amdo County.

They are high school students, after graduation assigned to a unit of the same, at work, they understand each other, support each other, help each other, getting a deeper understanding of each other, under the auspices of colleagues, finally decided to work life. In life, they respect each other’s habits, carefully maintaining the harmony and unity of their own small family, but also a time to maintain the unity of all ethnic groups in Tibet first, cherish their own eyes the same love of national unity, and consciously do not conducive national unity if determined not to say, is not conducive to national unity and resolutely do not do.

Get along with others, they are with people, treating neighbors as friends and live in harmony.

Holidays, often of different nationalities colleagues, neighbors come together busy busy, life is often mutual interest, mutual help, get everyone’s recognition and praise, many times by the recognition of the autonomous region. December 2012, his family was named "civilized households" autonomous Spiritual Civilization Steering Committee; 2015 was named "the most beautiful family" Autonomous Women’s Federation.

April 2013, Ma Zhonghua individuals District Party Committee Organization Department, the District Department of Human Resources and Social record third class; in 2015 was named "national unity and progress model individuals" the regional government. 2013 Autonomous Region Ma Zhonghua also strong base to do as a "good village-based team members."

  In the residency period in 2013, twice in 2019, Ma Zhonghua the masses when their loved ones, as the masses do their own thing. Through in-depth visits to research, the villagers learned that life is very hard, heavy tasks while helping rapidly through various means, actively coordinating units and individuals love to visit villages to the point, the heat has to Shigatse Gyantse County Xiang seven administrative village to raise clothes, blankets and other supplies, valued at more than 70 million; raise sports equipment and musical instruments and other teaching supplies to thermal Xiang primary school, the value of $ 50,000; buy household appliances, grass, grain and other supplies for village-point production of living people, worth up to 11 million.

  During the residency, Ma Zhonghua visited that 76-year-old Draga only one daughter and two granddaughters, daughters grazing on pasture for many years, left home alone to care for the elderly two young granddaughters, family economic conditions are very difficult.

Therefore, Ma Zhonghua regularly visit the elderly and the purchase of medicines and diapers and other necessities for their granddaughter; also the long-term funding for poor students in primary schools Sonam hot Xiang Qu Zong, and now she has been admitted to the Northeast Normal University; at the same time, he learned that many villagers have not had your life with, she decided to give villagers at home family portrait shoot photos and personal life, and the photo out to them, and some elderly people see the photos, tightly holding the hand of Ma Zhonghua, leaving tears of excitement …… Ma Zhonghua said: "I will continue to practice national unity, to promote the cause of national unity in our region to a new level, building unity and prosperous, civilized and harmonious modern socialist beautiful new Tibet to contribute their a copies strength. "(Editor: Ren Luobu times, Wu Yuren) share to allow more people to see.