“From China Super League to China League One……also。”Wang Shoude nodded。
Luo Kai just got up to say goodbye to the general manager,Then walked out of the office。
He looked at the direction of the empty training ground,Clenched fist。
I will catch up with you,Hu Lai!
Chapter Seventy Eight new contract
In the following days,Hu Lai really looks like her mother said,Every three to five,I go to school every now and then to find coaches and school teams,Train with them,It’s not necessarily just keeping,Pure boring。
After he returned to Dongchuan,Except after seeing the coach and Li Qingqing at first,It’s okay。
As he told his mother,His high school classmates have been admitted to the university,Enjoy college life in their respective universities at this moment,Even if he wants to go out and find someone to play, he can’t find it。
At first I saw my son training so obediently,Xie Lan is still very pleased。
But then I found out that Hu Lai would go home for dinner every night after going out,Just wonder。
After inquiring, I realized that the coach didn’t eat at all.,Hu Lai did try to invite him to dinner,But the other party simply refused。
Hu Lai sees the coach refuses,Did not persuade,In this way, every time he goes out, it’s really just pure training。
Among them, he went to watch a school game,Cheer for my students。
The students know that Hu Lai is watching them in the stands,Each performed very well,finally5:0Win over opponents。