Xicheng District Women’s Federation Party Member Cadres

In order to do a good job in the current epidemic prevention and control, the Women’s Federation of Xicheng District conscientiously implemented the spirit of the central and urban districts on the importance of the epidemic prevention and control, putting the epidemic prevention and control as the current head and other major events, conscientiously implement the four-party responsibility, according to doing a good red wall pioneer Community I organized party members to participate in community epidemic prevention and control, the first time and the first time and the community Double Paper Street Chongji Temple community, understanding the community demand, arranged personnel to participate in community epidemic prevention and control work, leadership The members of the team took the lead to the community, and the community workers took the epidemic prevention and control safety line.

First, careful organization, responsibility to people. The Party Branch of the Organization has established the party members to sink the community duty form to ensure that party members participated in the docking community’s epidemic prevention and control, and the leading cadres took the initiative to participate in the epidemic prevention.

Second, it is timely docking, obedient.

According to the unified arrangement of the community, reach the designated position on time, assist in the implementation of the prevention and control measures such as Qi Shi shop, public space disinfection, etc., and promote prevention and control policies.

The third is to be serious and responsible and actively fulfilled.

Strictly implement the standard requirements of "Beijing Normalization Epidemic Prevention and Control Community (Village) Work", to find out the details of the problem of epidemic prevention requirements, focus on whether the seven-small store epidemic prevention measures are implemented, plugging and preventing problems. The party members and cadres in Xicheng District said that the red wall pioneer is not a sound slogan in the community, but is actually acting for the people, this is the responsibility of party members, also taken, let the red wall becomes a trustworthy person. . Xicheng District Women’s Federation will continue to do a good job in the red wall in the community, I have practical practical activities for the masses, Zhong Zhicheng City, watch help, and help win the epidemic prevention and control.