Yang Jingyu life history last eight days

From February 15th to 23rd, 1940, it is the last eight days of the general history of Yang Jingyu. He is unswerving, loyal patriotism; not afraid of hardship, unfair hard struggle; not fear of strong enemy, the unyielding revolutionary heroism spirit, in these eight days, can find an accurate answer. On November 22, 1939, Yang Jingyu led the Minjiang County, which was Today’s Jingyu County. Because the enemy crazy crusade and encirclement plus more than a day of injury, February 15, Yang Jingyu, only 6 soldiers left, and 4 people were injured. Yang Jingyu decided to personally bring two police officers to continue to contact the contact forces. At this time, everyone understands that it means to choose death. Yang Jingyu said, "Remember to be strong to live!" The warrior shredded at a glance.

On February 18, 1940, the only two personal guards around Yang Jingyu were unfortunately sacrificed by traitor.

At this time, the enemy seized Yang Jingyu’s seal. They concluded that Yang Jingyu must be nearby, so they adjusted the heavy soldiers to surround the Mongolian County.

On February 22nd, Yang Jingyu came to a shabby place in the security of the Monjiang County, and spent the last night of his life here.

This day is the first month of the lunar calendar. It is the Lantern Festival of the Wanjia Light, and the Yang Jingyu is lying on the cold soil, the sky is blue, such as washing, a round of the moon hanging in the hollow, Yang Jingyu The moon is fascinated, and the gradually eyes blurred. He left Henan home for 12 years. How did the mother wife have been in the 12 years? If they are still alive, the son is 14 years old, and the daughter has 12, at this moment, are they missing? The poor mother has not enjoyed a blessing, and the wife dragged two young children. How can this home be supported! I thought that he was sad, and I slept in the middle. When he was frozen by the cold, when he remembered the broken compatriots, his heart was angry, he told himself must live! What should he be hungry, there is no strength to go outside to go outside, he will tear down the cotton coat from the broken cotton coat, and then grab a snow plug in, and the snow is rapid. When you swallow the cotton, the scorpion is like a spicy pain that is cut. He is looking forward to, looking forward to playing with his team and the little devil really doing a gun! On February 23, Yang Jingyu thought that Zhao Tingxi in the four villagers of the four Shangshan, the security village, sold Yang Jingyu. After the enemy received the report, the devils rushed batch from the two bags.

They started to surrender the generals, seeing that the lifetime of unjuvenation ordered the lightweight gun to scan the general, and his tall and fortunate body fell.

巍 白 山 山 山 穆, rolling Lin Tao Wanmu is crying, the sky has lacrimals with the boundless snow, the earth is in love with the red blood! (Editor: Chen Qiunan, Zhao Gang) Share let more people see.