Although Shen Fang said so,But Lao Zhang can get along well with his daughter,She is also very happy。Only when it comes to Peng Changyi,She is inevitably grumbling。Sometimes Nana comes back with wine from her father,Shen Fang sneered when she saw it,To say neither:“Your father dealt with you the second wine he didn’t drink again?It’s not Moutai and Wuliangye from now on, don’t take it home。”

Nana understands her mother’s temper,Whenever this time,She always carries wine,Trot all the way,Quietly avoiding mother,Into Lao Zhang’s hands,Said:“Leave it to you,I do not care。” anyway,Lao Zhang can give his ex-wife and daughter a harmonious family environment,Can make them rely on,On… Read More

Chapter 801 This is Xiao Mantou?

“soy Mujer,Don’t talk like me。” Yanzi is sure that no accident has happened,So I joked with my little sister。 “Sister……You are talking about one,I’m talking about two……” Shen Ruoxue put out her tongue mischievously,Sophistry。 In no time,The eight light tanks… Read More


Simple collision,The bodies of the two flew out again,But this time I didn’t hit the ground,But caught by one hand,Then the strong spiritual power poured into both sides,Repairing the injured meridian! “king……” “You did a great job,Leave the next thing… Read More


Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Five layout ? .org,The fastest update of the latest chapter of the special forces king of the beautiful president! layout “I say i say,There are three people in this hotel with us,They are responsible for… Read More

Chapter Three Hundred and Ten Cheap

It can only be the。Baby Ou nodded,“Then you have to remember it as well.” This is natural。Ou Zhaozhao’s eyes are cold,“Just rush to this little girl,Can pour you juice,I can’t let her go。Your elder brother is right,Such people,Not thinking right,Timely… Read More