Qin Liang said with a spoof。

“What a mess!Why are you making a boyfriend?!” Yanzi’s depressed answer。 “Isn’t it about making a boyfriend??That’s good,Listen well!Speak。” Qin Liang smirked,No more teasing…… “What i want to say is:I went to her so rashly,Isn’t it right??I don’t know if… Read More

Here is a stone platform,Can’t see the cliff in the distance,There is water flowing down from the stone platform above,With clouds of fog,Decorate this place like a fairyland,Xia Chenglong didn’t know where he was。

“what?” Xia Chenglong hasn’t found out yet,This water seems a little different,As if there is heat coming out,Simply headed towards the stone platform。 Jump up in three steps and two steps,There is still a shallow river paved with gravel,The path… Read More


Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven You deserve it Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven You deserve it Xiao Xi replied a little embarrassed。 “Oh,It turned out to be because of this,It’s okay,These new presidents are my best friends,They have the same… Read More

“This can have。”

Liu Xiaoyun looked at Li Qiaoer,I also deliberately cooperated with Shen Ruoxue unkindly。 “Ugh,I always thought that all perverts in the world are men,Now i know,It turns out that perverts also have women。” Li Qiao’er sighed helplessly。 “Beautiful and sexy… Read More