Even Wu Guanqi himself was stunned.,Peng Changyi didn’t expect him to say something like this,Just look at him,I didn’t know what to say for a while,Accept it wrong,Neither accept nor right,He just about to speak,Just listen to Wu Guanqi:“No no no,I thank Secretary Wu for his trust and support to our company,But in line with the principle of fair competition,We still attend your bidding ceremony,Don’t trouble you,Please give guidance from everyone here,such,I respect Secretary Wu、Magistrate Peng and all the heads present。”

As a guest,Wu Guanqi may not have the strong psychological advantage of Wu Youfu,But he is equally confident,His words and deeds are full of unspeakable charm,Banquet,He did not leave anyone out,He kept drinking with each of them,It’s all about New… Read More

Peng Changyi understands what Shu Qing meant,Although she is an adoptive mother,But the foster mother cared for her so much,Including her education,Shu Qing doesn’t want her mother to worry about her,Already said good things,There really is no reason to change,And if I pick her up now,I can only tell the old man,Their daughter is staying in Langzhu tonight。

Peng Changyi didn’t want to embarrass Shu Qing,Said:“Ok,Ok,I do some work at night,Then you come early tomorrow,I wait for you。” “Ok,Bye bye。” Peng Changyi doesn’t want to rest,He walked out of the house,Neither can come,Jiang Fan and Ding Yi have… Read More

The spoon penalty looks simple,But it’s not easy to get out,After all, that requires better control of football。Not too strong,It’s easy to pick out the beam when it’s too big;The strength can’t be too small,It will give the goalkeeper time to react,Save the football again……

the most important is,Keep your mentality stable,Can’t be impatient。 “Hey!Hu Lai,What are you doing standing stupidly?Was it shocked by the murderous aura of the door god like me??”Meng Xi in front of the door twisted her body for a while,But… Read More

Meng Ke said with bloodshot eyes open:“I am not afraid of hard work,I really feel now that it is too difficult to manage a city。look,As long as the government allocates money,Tall buildings can be built in cities,The road can be widened,Flowers and plants can also be planted,Street lights can also be brighter,These are not problems,The difficulty lies in people’s consciousness。”

“You mean the road market?” Meng Ke scratched his head and said:“Yes,We had a drill at the station road this morning,Small merchants and peddlers who invade the streets can’t be driven away、Can’t make it,Just like coaxing flies,You raise your hand,Ran… Read More