In my own master,While wondering。

Lin Yu,Also frowning and wondering。 Logically,This should be a big battle。 But what I feel at the moment is,Someone keeps robbing。 And the place,Xuan Tianzong。 “Big brother,Are you there?” Closed door,Tapped twice。 “Who?” Hear the door knock,Lin Yu asked。 “Big… Read More

Lines,Actually it’s not particularly difficult for others,The most difficult is Liu Sanmei,Duet from the front,Fighting against the landlord in the middle,In the later period, he died in love with Aniu。

Zhou Qingxue said:“I wrote the script myself,I shouldn’t have a big problem with lines or something,Just now everyone practiced the plot,I felt it was pretty good,Next, we need to think about each scene,Everyone can express their opinions,Use your own ingenuity,See… Read More

Intermission is15minute。

While the cheerleaders are dancing,The commentary is also very lively。 Narrators from various countries,Are all excitedly talking about such a wonderful game。 The last three minutes of the second quarter,Shen Huan turned on the abuse mode。 But before20About minutes,The main… Read More