Go over and make sure,It really is a soul fruit,It seems they are going to make a lot of money,This kind of thing is totally unattainable,I am afraid that even the Murong family may not own it。

Xia Chenglong waved his hand,Awkward smile:“congratulations,Starting tomorrow, one step closer to killing me。” The effect of soul fruit is too tempting,Whoever owns it can have a shortcut to the strong。 There are only three mature ones on the tree,I’m afraid… Read More

Surprised eyes!

“I don’t know what’s going on……I found someone handed me a note,Just followed。How could you get caught?”Fang Yu asked。 “They are looking for you,I don’t know the details……Who did you offend?” Ji Yu Doubts。 “do not know!I will do the… Read More

Song Min replied。

“I’m not going,I am afraid of the dark,How dark is that underground。” ———— Chapter three eight hundred and thirty eight That is my sister Remember one second【Book fan building .tw】,Wonderful free reading without popups! Chapter three eight hundred and thirty… Read More

“My goodness!did not expect!Really never expected!It turns out that Director Yang and Captain Mei are both Shen’s sisters!admire!I really admire you from my heart!”

Director Tian said with bright eyes! “Thank you……” Yang Shiyun said thank you in addition to expressing modesty,I don’t know what else to say,Plum just laughed,Don’t speak。 Qin Liang started calling Shen Ruoxi,Describe things briefly and concisely,Then I called Yanzi… Read More


“Because what you said just now has broken Chang Yi,Sure i did something wrong。” “Humph,Still self-aware。” Although the tone is half a joke,But Peng Changyi still sweats on his back。 “Why is my throat dumb?,Drink some water first。”Xie Changyou asked。… Read More


Chapter six hundred and fifty seven difficult “.”How simple.Xie Yun pulled out his tie,Calm down。 “Pro treasure,You have to understand one thing first,these things,Invisible。The Zou family is gone because of this,The Xie family was almost gone,The saying at that time… Read More